Manchester Fashion Week

Manchester Fashion Week starts today and it is showing the world that clothing is more than just material

Last year, I was lucky enough to get to interview Amanda Moss, journalist and founder of Liverpool and Manchester Fashion Week! I was even lucky enough in May to attend Manchester Fashion Week with a front row seat just centimetres from the dazzling catwalk, a canvas awaiting the art of new designs to dazzle the room! Here is what happened and how I feel about the fashion industry!

  1. Why Fashion?

Fashion is so much more than just choosing something to wear every day. Admittedly growing up, I hated the sight of clothing stores and would beg my parents to leave whenever I needed something new. I can’t really understand it, but it’s only these last few years that I’ve grown to love fashion and now whenever I go into the city, I can’t resist the temptation of buying new clothes and experiment with my style. This new love of fashion and wanting to be part of the industry can sometimes feel unfamiliar, but the more I cultivate my style the more I grow to love it. I’m not saying that the fashion industry is perfect, it has its flaws, but everything does and it’s the people who want to change the shape of it I admire.

  1. Empowerment

Sometimes fashion can be perceived as superficial because there’s an underlying impression that it’s all about how it looks, but I always feel empowered when I’m wearing something comfortable and that I feel good in. It’s so important we make it available to everyone around the world in the name of self-expression. The fashion industry is becoming an amalgamation of designs hallmarked across the world that blend inspiration from cultures around the world to create something fitting and satisfying to wear. A reason why I’m starting to love the industry, even though it’s not perfect, is that it is becoming a nucleus for empowering individuals around the world to be confident with who they are and who they choose to be. It’s a worldwide movement to change the current outlook on fashion and I wanted to see the positive changes moving forward that the U.K. fashion industry is making for that step-in encouraging people to empower themselves. Therefore, Liverpool and Manchester Fashion Week are so important because they encourage and empower individuality!


  1. Amanda Moss and UK Fashion Weeks

I did some research to see whether the U.K. had a fashion week and currently, only the North West has a fashion week aside from London. This really surprised me that only two cities in the north, Manchester and Liverpool, have two fashion weeks a year. Liverpool and Manchester fashion week are such large events, which is why it is so surprising they are the only places to have them! I also learnt that these fashion weeks were relatively new to it is a recent thing. Because of the resounding response, Fashion Week in the North West is becoming increasingly recognised for showcasing upcoming designers breaking the fashion norms and making a U-turn on the status quo. I was lucky and honoured to meet the founder of the North West’s fashion week, Amanda Moss. I travelled to the heart of Liverpool and discussed how Fashion Week came to be and matured into an annual tradition.

The creator of Lifestyle Magazine, Amanda said “Fashion Week was born after I was asked to host a fashion week as there was such a demand for it. I partner with boutiques for the magazine with media branding and I have franchised fashion week which is why it started in Liverpool and now in Manchester. Any city can have a fashion week if it wants one. It’s a lot of challenging work and it takes me nine months to put it together, but it’s worth it!” I even got to sit front row at my first ever fashion week opening night! This was one of the most memorable things about Liverpool and Manchester fashion week!

  1. Manchester Fashion Week

A night of dazzling and intricate designs slayed glamorously down the art of the catwalk. I didn’t know what to expect but was amazed at how fresh the designs looked and models from all walks of life took centre stage. It was so refreshing to see that there was no expectation of how the model should look as each model looked different. We all understand the negative implications that reinforced expectation can have on our generation and Amanda used this to empower everybody and made everyone feel welcomed into the home of fashion.

Fashion houses I quickly became fond of was Haze and Pearl with modern and articulate pieces that beamed an inventive year for fashion with a license for confidence. Amanda also said that “Because of the demand from fashion houses and designers, we will be having another fashion week in Manchester this Fall on November 12th!”. The future is looking vivid for the fashion industry with a sense of accomplishment that everybody can celebrate together.

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