These companies are holding free online sessions so you can get your signature look at home

Emma Lowther asks: can we really do it ourselves?

These are uncertain times we are living in and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be on your third ‘new look’ of the lockdown. The bleach, the bangs, the brown hair dye for when the bleaching eventually goes tits up. It’s all a desperate attempt to regain any sense of control during this quarantine. Luckily for me and others like me, Bleach London and The Ordinary are holding free online sessions so we no longer have to go through all of this alone or without professional help.

The Ordinary’s online skin consultations

Deciem, the parent company to everyone’s favourite skin care range, has launched their virtual consultation service DECIEM AT HOME. Users can video chat, instant message or even share videos with Deciem sales assistants. The website promises that it will be just like having an in-store consultation. The only difference being that users will send in images of their skin and receive a suggested product or regime. The best part is that it’s all free and they don’t even force you to buy anything. I’m looking at you lady-at-my-local-MAC-counter.

Bleach London’s online hair salons

Oh, how I wish I’d known about this two weeks ago.  Using their team of expert stylists, Bleach London have introduced Bleach Hair Parties. The first ever live interactive hair tutorials will focus on touch ups, completely new do’s and getting that perfect DYE-solation look. The free online session will also feature special guests such as Maisie Williams, Pixie Geldof and Nick Grimshaw to chat about their dying experiences. It’s educational and entertaining. What’s more, Bleach are making donations to the NHS so technically, your pink streak could be saving lives. To get involved, keep an eye on their Instagram account for all the updates on when the next one will be held.


WORDS: Emma Lowther


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