Iris Creamer is the queen we all want to be. The DIY MC & producer chatted with Emma Lowther about her new EP.

Maybe you haven’t heard of iris Creamer, that’s fine, but it’s about time you educated yourself because I introduce to you a woman who is creating her own destiny. Creamer is from Rhode Island in the US and is arguably, one of their most exciting up and coming artists. She has been making music since she was 15.

 If you ask me, there’s nothing this queen of the game can’t do. At only 22 she has released her debut album DENIM and a follow up EP Minute Man. At nearly 22, I have accomplished very little in comparison, unless you count maddest fresher of 2017 (and I was only nominated as a joke).

Iris Creamer’s new EP retains that alternative hip-hop vibe that DENIM was so loved for. It’s the kind of music that when blared out, makes you feel a sense of confidence and uniqueness that is hard to achieve so naturally these days. It’s music that makes me, as a young woman, feel powerful. The highly sexualised lyrics speak nothing but truth, in the second track on the EP, BOY, Creamer sings: “I really hope you like me for my mind, that will make me wanna help you cum 4 times” I mean…if that’s not a great way to start a Tinder date, I don’t know what is.

Establishing herself as the third wave feminist we didn’t know we needed. The queen has arrived. Yap Magazine sat down with her to find out about the processes of making music all on your own.

For our readers who may not be all that familiar with you, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your sound?

 Yes! My name is Aura, I’m an artist from Providence, RI. I create several things ranging from music production to fashion design. For the past few years I’ve been sharing my work under the name Iris Creamer. I’d say my sound is a mix of pop, hip-hop, and electronic.

Just like your debut album, you produced this all yourself. Where did you learn everything you need to know? Is it possible for me to do it, too?

Well, I produced most of the songs on DENIM and 2 of the 4 songs on this EP. But my friends MULTIPLEXXX, Feral G, June Brone, and The TBD all lent their production to my projects as well! When I was 15, I was given my own laptop and I quickly downloaded all of the music programs that were available to me. I’d just spend all day on them learning how they worked and I began producing from there. I wouldn’t say I’ve learned everything yet but what I have learned so far is all due to patience and exploration! But you could certainly learn to produce on your own, anyone could! A good way to start learning about composing and DAWs(music production programs) or anything honestly– is on YouTube, they’ve got a crazy amount of knowledge on there.

 Can you tell us what themes run through your EP? What was the process behind the songs?

The themes on this EP are sex and quickness. While I was writing these songs I realized they all had heavy sexual lyricism and they were all very short, which is was when I decided the project would be called Minute-Man. All of the songs originally ended at the 1 minute mark but I fell too deep in love and over wrote each one haha. There were many different vibes and inspirations for each individual song, especially ‘Sweet Tooth’ a tune that I’ve recorded and mixed about 8 times to date. But overall I wanted the project to sound very futuristic and trippy, I studied a lot of music to do so.

The EP is very reminiscent of this new wave of feminism, where young women are owning our sexuality, rather than being afraid of it. Why do you think that’s so important in 2018?

Honestly, I think it’s always been important and I wish the ownage would’ve come sooner. But either way, I’m super glad that the topic of women’s bodies and sexuality are being spoken about aloud, positively, gaining normalcy, and lacking judgment. For so long women have been taught to be ashamed of their sexuality, finally, times are changing and so many of us are saying FUCK THAT! <3


Click here to listen to the Minute-Man EP

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