Pop Sensation MARINA [and the diamonds] Releases New Music

MARINA resurrects the beauty of nature back into pop music with her new music.

MARINA (and the diamonds) has blossomed from hibernation across the airwaves with her brand-new track after four years away from music. “Handmade Heaven” is the debut single from her highly anticipated 4th album, which signals a change in pop music the world has been waiting for.

Since 2010, MARINA has gone on to be one of the most successful female artists in alt-pop music with her albums “The Family Jewels” and “Electra Heart”, which charted and went to number 1 in 2012.

Fans of the solo artist feared that MARINA’s 3rd album “Froot” in 2015 was her last after she announced on her Neon Nature Tour that she didn’t know whether she was going to continue as a singer/songwriter. Fear not, MARINA has returned solo without the diamonds and is rumoured to drop her album this Spring, maybe as early as April. Handmade Heaven made its premier on YouTube last Friday and has already racked up a million views, with a very positive response. Marina explained that dropping “and the diamonds” from her set name is “something that feels natural to do now”, as she returns fresh back on the music scene.

Conventionally, you’d expect a pop artist to release something upbeat and have a Top 40 focus, but MARINA goes on to prove that there is more meaning amplified in her music than most other pop artists. Handmade Heaven is a ballad that resurrects the beauty of nature into pop music, which is arguably rare for a pop artist to do in 2019. There have been music industry predictions that this year will another era of ‘the concept album’, a dominating trend across pop music in 2012.

MARINA said on her Twitter “I wrote the song at a time when I felt very out of sync and lost in the world. One thing that helped me at that time was taking time to look closely at nature every day.”

“In some ways we live in a very unnatural world – our brains are constantly trying to adjust and adapt to a lot of social and technological change – and I think that can cause a lot of suffering. So many people have anxiety now + the natural world has less of a role in our lives. That’s why this song is important to me. It’s about a sense of dislocation and a sadness of feeling separate from nature. Handmade Heaven is an imagined paradise.”

“The song is also about a connection with people who are on the same wavelength as you – and how special that feels when that happens.”

“I envy the birds high up in the trees, they live out their lives so purposefully.” MARINA sings instigated by soft notes of orchestra and iridescent piano chords that bridge the connection between nature and music harmoniously. “I envy the spiders, the squirrels and seeds. They all find their way automatically”. Handmade Heaven is paradise to our ears and the perfect song for digital age escapism.

Aside from Handmade Heaven, there are five other tracks that have been confirmed to be on the album which include: End of the Earth, You, No More Suckers, Superstar and Orange Trees.

According to Idolator, it is rumoured that MARINA’s 4th album will be titled “Love + Fear” and recently the solo artist announced on Instagram that there are two themes that run loosely throughout the album. Could the two themes of the album be Love + Fear? Watch this space as this could be an exciting new era in the world of 2019 pop music and we can’t wait to hear what MARINA has in store for us this time!


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