Musicians are raising funds to supply PPE to the National Health Service

Songs For The National Health Service is a selection unreleased tracks from artists and bands who have come together to raise profits to fund vital PPE for hospitals and staff.

Bands such as Wolf Alice, Foals and Swim Deep have all donated either unreleased or never before heard versions of tracks. Songs For The National Health Service have teamed up with the fundamental crowdfunder ‘Hoods for Heroes’. Their initial target of £30,000 will provide enough powered air purifying respirators to help fully stock Lewisham Greenwich NHS Trust as well as Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust and University Hospital Crosshouse in Scotland. All money raised beyond that will provide equipment for further hospitals and regions based on need.

So, what is PPE? The acronym stands for personal protective equipment and can be anything from protective gowns, to gloves, to face masks. Anyone who comes into close contact with a patient should be wearing it, this includes staff working in care homes, prisons and of course doctors and nurses.

“At the moment we’re at the mercy of donations or purchasing PPE ourselves” – Dr Chaand Nagpaul

You can’t turn on your TV or scroll through your phone without hearing about PPE and for good reason. Although the government is going blue in the face assuring us all that they are working ‘around the clock’ to provide PPE, the BBC has reported that NHS workers are concerned about supplies. A staggering 48% of doctors in England are buying their own PPE or relying on donations. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chairman of the British Medical Association, told BBC Breakfast:

“At the moment we’re at the mercy of donations or purchasing them ourselves” he continues to say, “that doesn’t give you security and it hasn’t met the government’s own commitment and promise that it will be protecting its workforce.”

The people behind the vinyl release have stressed that they don’t believe the NHS should be treated like a charity. However, it is difficult to watch front line workers put their lives at risk without the proper equipment.

The issue of having to fundraise for the NHS has already been argued. Our national insurance taxes are designed to fund our health service and it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure it is adequately financed.

The fact of the matter is, we live in a time where fundraising for the NHS has become necessary. Luckily, it’s easy with sweet jams like this.

Songs For The National Health Service is available to pre-order. 

WORDS: Emma Lowther

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