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Weird Films To Cry At

Shannon Watson investigates the weirdest films people have shed a tear to. Summer Watson (20) – Jaws When I was about four years old, my grandma let my sister and I watch Jaws. My grandma […]

A Look Back on THAT Charli XCX Mixtape

Charli XCX’s POP2 record shows the world that pop music has no boundaries Charli XCX’s newest mixtape “POP 2” is here to radiate the airwaves with mechanical futuristic sounds hinged with empowering lyrics – bringing […]

Is University Letting Us Down?

More 18-year-old students are going to University than ever before, but is that a good thing? This week, students across the country received their A-level results and faired pretty well,  despite exams becoming increasingly tougher. […]

University Advice From A First Year

University can be a daunting prospect. Hannah Tasker explains how she shook off those pressures. University. It’s a big thing. Therefore, I must start with a very important message; whatever your expectations are of uni, […]